Information Systems

I completed my Masters in Information Systems Management from BYU in April 2018.

Husband and Father

3 > 2 > 1

I got married to Briana Hales in March of 2014. Best decision of my life! Daniel was added to the family in January 2017, we love this little guy!


Alexa Skill Developer

I have been building Alexa skills for almost 3 years. I started building a game called Escape Jurassic Island, with the help of the famous storyteller Andrew Naylor and extra motivation from the BYU Mobile App Competition. Since then I have created 20+ skills and counting! Check them out here!



Frisbee, Football, Track and Dodgeball

I love getting out and playing sports, even ones I do not excel at. It is the best way to spend time with friends and make new ones! If you ever want to go out and play, hit me up I’ll join!

Getting Outdoors

Hiking, Running, and Enjoying Nature

Between living in Utah, Washington, and the Philippines there has not been a shortage of awesome mountains to climb! I love getting out and spending time in the sun. (Now living in Michigan, mountains do not exist, but there is still lots to do!)

Not sure what else..

So here is a picture of this cute kid, can’t believe he is driving already